About Us

A Fan-First Approach

We’re developing a company that protects the end users, the fans, from counterfeiting both before and after the fact. We’re working with businesses, teams, associations and enforcement agencies to discourage counterfeiters and keep everyone secure.

To protect consumers from counterfeit product and fraud, by providing the most innovative, accessible and cost-effective technology to authenticate sports merchandise.

The Founding Team

KitLegit is the brainchild and pivot of the team behind FutbolMarkt and Back Four Brand Protection, with extensive experience in enforcement, development and the sporting goods industry.

Our Value Pillars

KitLegit strives to maintain excellence in its work with consumers and businesses.


Building a technology based on proven expertise in the sporting goods industry.


Creating a place where users can trust and collaborate over authentic products.


Giving consumers the power to fight counterfeiting with easy-accessible tools.


Continuously improving the KitLegit offering, database and technology. Innovation first.

Company Latest

Company Latest

KitLegit is a global startup, aimed at tackling counterfeiting in the sporting goods sector.

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Investor Relations

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Corporate Social Responsibility

KitLegit is committed to the local, national and international community. We’re currently looking to support grassroots sports programmes and helping those affected by the Ukraine conflict with a percentage of our revenue going towards these initiatives.