Digital Authentication
for sports apparel

KitLegit uses AI image analysis to detect key indicators of counterfeiting on sports merchandise. Designed for use by fans, sellers and enterprises.

Mobile App Checker

Designed for buyers, sellers and collectors. AI authentication in the palm of your hand.

Authenticity Checks

Request a manual check, with an optional authenticity certificate for your football shirt.

Product Valuation

Request a valuation for your product by sharing your product photos with us.

The KitLegit mobile app for fans, sellers and collectors

Designed for resellers, fans and collectors. Check for authenticity, generate certificates and more.

AI Authenticity Checks

We use AI to detect counterfeit sports merchandise through imagery analysis.

Digital Certificates

Every product, authentic or counterfeit, receives a digital certificates. Used to sell or obtain refunds.

Seller Tools

Integrate KitLegit into the sales process - generate seller photos, remove backgrounds and build trust.

AI Authenticity Checks

We use AI to detect counterfeit sports merchandise through imagery analysis.

Seller Certification

We help small and independent businesses obtain storewide and product certification.

Enterprise API Integration

We work with marketplaces and retailers to keep fake product from reaching the public domain.

The mobile tool

We help independent sellers boost buyer trust and revenues

Use KitLegit to add trust to transactions, helping sellers showcase authenticity and buyers to ensure they’re buying the real thing.

Boost Sales

Once you complete a check, download your check photos with a verified badge and QR code to share on your sales platform.

Seller Certification

Get a certified badge for your sales channel.

Proof of Authenticity

Share digital and PDF certificates with sellers.

Enterprise Solution

We can prevent counterfeits from being listed on marketplaces

Our technology has been designed for bulk usage, with no requirement to have the physical product on hand. Imagine spotting a counterfeit before it ever makes to the public page of a marketpalce.

API Integration

Use the KitLegit algorithm to detect and prevent counterfeit listings from being posted.

Imagery Detection

KitLegit scans imagery for indicators of counterfeiting, not requiring physical products.

Instant Certification

Authenticated products receive instant digital certification through KitLegit.

The fanzone

We help protect official revenues for sports leagues and clubs

We work with sports leagues and their clubs, to enhance official revenues and keep counterfeits out of the public domain.

Loss Prevention

Use the KitLegit tool to monitor returns and check for fraudulent activity

Upsells & Advertising

Promote official club merchandise on the fan mobile app. Upsell on results pages, and advertise throughout the app.

Fan Engagement

Reach fans in further geographies, and engage them through KitLegit mediums.

KitLegit Mobile App

An app designed for fans and sellers

Coming 2024. Join the waitlist to be the first to try out KitLegit, and get access to free premium features.

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