We detect fakes using imagery

Using our proprietary algorithms and AI, we can detect counterfeit sports merchandise through imagery analysis.

How it works

We can authenticate items without the need for the physical product

Whether it is through integration or via the consumer app, KitLegit works instantly through digital imagery analysis.

Our technology

We look for the key indicators present on every counterfeit product

Every fake has a key indicator, as small as the incorrect country of manufacture and as obvious as an incorrect color. We know how to spot them.

What can we authenticate

Our pilot: we're starting with football shirts

Our pilot is football shirts. We currently authenticate ten major brands manufactured between 2000 – 2024.

We are working on American football, baseball, basketball, hockey, cricket, rugby and Formula 1 merchandise.

KitLegit Mobile App

An app designed for fans and sellers

Join the waitlist to be the first to try out KitLegit, and get access to free premium features.

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