Seller Certification

Build and enhance trust with buyers, by certifying your platform and its products are authentic.

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We work with clubs, leagues, sellers and marketplaces

How It Works

Choose Your Certification

KitLegit has been designed to integrate into your sales process. Simply upload your photos into the KitLegit app to receive a shareable link, QR code overlays and a PDF Certificate.

Silver Silver
For sellers working towards full gold certification
  • 25% of listings authenticated via KitLegit
  • No fakes detected during onboarding or audits
  • QRs, shareable links & certificates
  • KitLegit monthly audits
  • Use KitLegit branding & silver badges
  • KitLegit monthly check allowance
  • Silver partner page
Become a Partner
Gold Certification
Full certification for all items and platform
  • All listings authenticated via KitLegit
  • QRs, shareable links & certificates
  • Use KitLegit branding & gold badges
  • Back Four certification
  • KitLegit monthly check allowance
  • Gold partner page
Get Certified
Individual Products

Add an Authenticity Mark to Your Products

Use KitLegit to add an authenticity QR code to each individual product. Codes can be scanned by users without the need to download the KitLegit app.

Website & Marketplaces

Get the Trusted Website Badge

Get a verified badge for your website or marketplace channel. In partnership with Back Four Brand Protection. A guarantee of authenticity.

Build Trust

Get Your Personal KitLegit Certified Page

Improve SEO and build trust with your own personalised certification page. Available to Silver & Gold partners.

Simple Pricing

Get the early bird
or join our official waitlist!

Casual Sellers
Free Forever
For casual users using KitLegit to authenticate occasional purchases.
  • 3 checks per month
  • Physical product checks
  • Digital product checks
  • Full stats & check history
Join Waitlist
Power Sellers
£5.99 Monthly
Added features for power users, sellers & collectors.
  • 20 checks per month
  • Website certification*
  • Digital & physical checks
  • Full stats & check history
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Early Bird Unlimited
£59.99 Annual
Early access, unlimited checks, full certification & extra seller perks.
  • Unlimited monthly checks
  • Website certification*
  • Back Four support
  • Digital & physical checks
  • Full stats & check history
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Frequently Asked Questions

KitLegit can be used during or after your photography process.

Simply take photos using KitLegit and then download the seller’s pack with a QR coded added to each photo, as well as a PDF certificate.

Alternatively, simply upload your existing photos into the KitLegit app and follow the same process.

You may share a link to the result on your listing page, upload product photos with a KitLegit QR code or showcase the PDF certificate to your buyers.

A seller’s pack contains the photos of your product with a QR code overlay to showcase authenticity. It also includes a shareable PDF certificate.

No, buyers do not need to have the KitLegit app. Scanning the QR code takes them to an independent web app for the result.

Get Certified

Get KitLegit certification for your store and products

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