Manual Verification

Want to check or certify your football shirt? Submit your photos below, and we’ll issue a KitLegit certificate for your item. 

Certified by Experts

Our experts will verify your item based on the images you provide.

Digital & PDF Certificate

A shareable, digital & PDF certificate will be issued for your checked item.

KitLegit Ready

If you have a KitLegit account, we will add the item directly to your account for use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ready to check your item? See our FAQs before submitting your check.

What types of items can you check?

We currently authenticate football (soccer) shirts.

What if I don't need a certificate?

We're happy to give you an authentic or counterfeit result, without issuing a certificate. You will not be charged for the certificate.

What kinds of photos do I need to provide?

To make the process quick, please provide as many images of the following as possible:  front, back, neck labels, care labels, style code labels, security tags and swing tags.

Can you check match-worn or signed items?

At the moment KitLegit cannot issue certificates for match-worn or signed merchandise without photo or documented proof. Please contact us before submitting a request.

What if my item is a counterfeit?

If your item is counterfeit, we're happy to issue a certificate for you to try claim your money back. You may also send us the source of your purchase for us to take action if applicable.

What if you get the result wrong?

We don't usually get results wrong, but if we do - we'll happily issue a refund. Just tell us why!

I've changed my mind, can I get a refund?

Unfortunately once we've completed a check, we can no longer issue refunds. 

However if you change your mind right after submission, please email us at with your check reference.

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