Le Parc à Maillots x KitLegit: A Journey of Authenticity and Passion

In the heart of France, a passion for football and a commitment to authenticity gave birth to an online retail phenomenon: Le Parc à Maillots. Founded by Andréas Athée, a football enthusiast with a keen eye for genuine merchandise, Le Parc à Maillots has quickly become a trusted name in the world of football apparel.

Andréas’ journey began with a simple yet powerful idea: to provide football fans with authentic shirts at attractive prices. This vision was born out of his own experiences as a football fan, navigating the often murky waters of online retail in search of genuine merchandise. He saw a gap in the market for a retailer that could guarantee the authenticity of its products, and thus, Le Parc à Maillots was born.

Today, Le Parc à Maillots is more than just a retailer. It’s a community of football fans who share a common love for the sport and a commitment to authenticity. The online store offers a wide range of products from various clubs and national teams, all authenticated and attractively priced. But what truly sets Le Parc à Maillots apart is its dedication to quality and authenticity, which has earned it the distinction of being the first Gold Certified seller in France by KitLegit.

KitLegit: A Partnership Rooted in Authenticity

At KitLegit, we’re proud to partner with Le Parc à Maillots in their mission to provide football fans with genuine merchandise. Our AI-powered football shirt authentication tool, the first counterfeit checker to be fully-automated and available to consumers, is a testament to our shared commitment to authenticity.

Through our partnership, all listings on Le Parc à Maillots are authenticated via KitLegit, providing buyers with the utmost confidence in their purchases. This collaboration not only enhances the shopping experience for customers but also solidifies our commitment to ensuring authenticity in the sports retail and collectibles space.

As we continue to innovate and expand our services, we look forward to strengthening our partnership with Le Parc à Maillots and other retailers who share our vision. Together, we can protect consumers from counterfeit products and fraud, and ensure that the love for the sport remains untarnished.

For more information about our certification process, please visit KitLegit.

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