Football Finery Becomes First UK Silver-Certified Seller to work with KitLegit

London, February 19, 2024 — KitLegit, the leader in AI-powered sports apparel authentication, joins forces with Football Finery, a top UK seller of authentic football merchandise. This landmark collaboration, with Football Finery becoming the first UK silver-certified seller to collaborate with KitLegit, sets a new standard in sports retail, enhancing trust and transparency for fans and collectors.

KitLegit is a cutting-edge platform powered by artificial intelligence, that specialises in sports apparel authentication. By leveraging advanced image recognition technology, KitLegit ensures that fans, collectors, and sellers can confidently verify the authenticity of sports merchandise.

“We are thrilled to welcome Football Finery as our inaugural UK silver certified seller,” said Alexander Protsenko, Founder of KitLegit. “Their dedication to quality, integrity, and genuine fan experiences aligns perfectly with our mission. Together, we aim to create a safer marketplace for sports enthusiasts.”

As part of this collaboration, Football Finery will prominently display the KitLegit silver certification badge on their website and all future products listed will come with a digital authenticity certificate. The KitLegit badge serves as a symbol of trust, assuring customers that they are investing in genuine sports merchandise.

“We are excited to join forces with KitLegit,” said Chris Cooper, Owner of Football Finery. “Our customers deserve the best, and this relationship reinforces our commitment to authenticity. With KitLegit’s expertise, we can continue to deliver top-quality products to sports fans across the UK.”

Football Finery’s silver certification is a testament to their rigorous quality control processes, ensuring that every item meets the highest standards. As the sports retail landscape evolves, this collaboration sets a new benchmark for transparency and consumer protection.

For more information about KitLegit and the Football Finery, visit or follow them on social media: @kitlegitapp.

About KitLegit: KitLegit is an AI-powered platform dedicated to sports apparel authentication. By analysing images and leveraging machine learning algorithms, KitLegit verifies the authenticity of sports merchandise, protecting fans, collectors, and sellers from counterfeit products. Our mission is to create a secure and transparent marketplace for sports enthusiasts worldwide.

About Football Finery: Football Finery is a leading sports merchandise retailer based in England, offering a curated selection of products for football enthusiasts. With a focus on authenticity and fan satisfaction, Football Finery has become a trusted destination for sports memorabilia and apparel.

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